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Welcome to  Afterdawn!

Please all lvl 85's download following addons:

-    Gearscore
-    Recount
-    Quickmark

Also download Ventrilo at

The IP adress is:
The Password is: LetMeInPlease
Port number is: 3784

Rules are as following:

-    Be social, and help other players if it's possible.
-    Don't beg. ( for boosts, gold etc.) 
-    Don't use offensive language. 
-    Don't use sexual language. 
-    Don't ninja from the guildbank. 

We always like donations to the guild bank, so we can purchase our next bank tab. 

If you are looking for the Recruitment section, click here

Guildmaster: Hellgrazer

Officers: Gobblie/Bloodpriest/Bloodniight & Puur 
(Note - Bloodniight is also a CO-GM, so handle with care) - Bloodniight 

Add new pics    
Picture Need!

We are currently in need of some pictures for our gallery!

You can upload pictures of your characters, or funny things you saw or guild runs.
Just upload every picture you make associated with the guild.

I will appreciate this very much. 

Cheers, Hellgrazer.
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